Peppermint Candy Salt Bar {Seasonal} SOLD OUT! Check Back In Winter 2021

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This fresh and minty salt bar is especially good as a hand soap.

Product Information

Salt makes the soap bar smoother and harder - a good choice for a handwashing bar at the sink. The lather builds up to a dense creaminess.

So, why the different soap recipes? Each page of the store features a specific recipe, with a variety of oils (coconut, avocado, palm, castor, lard, etc.). Different oil combinations affect the hardness of the bar, the type of lather (fluffy, creamy, etc.), the mildness of the soap, the degree of cleansing. Which should you choose? After trying different soaps, you may find that you prefer a certain recipe because of its lather or the feel on your skin or some other indefinable feature. Or, just choose your favorite scent!

Since no two batches of soap are exactly the same, colors/designs may vary somewhat from what is pictured. Labels, also, may be slightly different.


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Most of the Sage Berry Salt Bars are easily distinguishable from regular Sage Berry Soaps because of their round shape. They are approximately 3" in diameter and 1.5" deep. Each bar weighs at least 5 ounces.


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Coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt powder, distilled water, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, castor oil, beeswax, coconut milk powder, clay, aloe vera powder, mica, rosemary oil extract, silk

Special Instructions

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Before use, store in a dark, well-ventilated area. Do not store in direct sunlight or overly hot conditions.

After opening your bar of soap, for longer life, store in a well-drained soap dish between uses. While salt bars are more resilient due to the salt, you still do not want to let it rest in a puddle of water between uses.